The Summer Plan for Rail Nation

Dear players,

We’d like to update you on our plans for Rail Nation over the coming months. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of the main points:

  • On 7th July, the Rail Nation Summer Games are starting – a community event on all game worlds.
  • A new round of Fast Forward is starting directly afterwards on 29th and 31st July.
  • Shortly after the end of the Fast Forward game worlds, Masters is starting the third round on 28th August. The Clash! tournament will also be taking place again at the same time.
  • Our focus in development is on the technical quality of the game.
  • This means that other major projects will be put on hold for the time being, including the new scenario “Orient Express”. For the time being, we want to limit ourselves to game content which involves less development.

Changes are always possible, but it was important for us to give you an overview now, so you can plan which events you’d like to participate in. In-depth information and final details on each of the events will follow in future blog posts.

Rail Nation Summer Games

Since the ultimate sporting event in Tokyo has now been postponed until next year, we are launching our own interpretation on all game worlds – naturally with disciplines adapted to Rail Nation. We will reveal more information about that in this blog on 6th July.

Fast Forward 3

Following the amazing popularity of the last two rounds, we have been looking for a suitable time to offer you a third round of high-paced fun with Fast Forward this summer. We have finally decided on 29th and 31st July. More details will be released in the blog.

Masters 3 and Clash!

The biggest tournament of the year is likewise entering its third round, straight after Fast Forward ends. This year, we will again offer the Rising Star game world for less experienced players as well as the Allstar game worlds (including qualification round) for pros. Like last year, Clash! will take place at the same time as an alternative tournament.

Technical quality and game content

Even more important than these events is the technical quality of the game. Some of these improvements have already been implemented in the background. For instance, we regularly had problems with load balancers on our game servers at the start of this year and were able to fix these issues a few months ago. The new shop is also one of the new technical changes we have introduced. Here, outdated technology often caused problems and limited us in development. That chapter is now closed. What’s more, we have expanded our team of developers and created the new role of Technical Director, who will help us to organise the game’s technical development.

Development is currently focused on a major update for HTML5, which fixes a range of bugs and will simplify development in the future.
The technical quality of the game provides the foundation for everything else that we do in Rail Nation. That’s why we have put major projects like Orient Express on hold for now to concentrate on what matters most at present: game quality. But we also understand that many players want more variety. For this reason, we will not neglect this aspect entirely and will continue to offer you events. On the one hand, this means popular events like Masters, Fast Forward and Origin Journey. On the other hand, there will be new ideas that allow us to make little adjustments to event game worlds that significantly change the gameplay. We’ll say more about that in the future.

Until the next blog post,

Your Rail Nation Team