The Rail Nation Summer Games

Dear players,

With many global events and sporting competitions being cancelled this year, we were thinking about how we can jump in to provide a contact-free event for everyone. Our answer is:

the Rail Nation Summer Games!

The Summer Games start on 7th July and if you play Rail Nation, you are already a participant! Well, at least passively. If you actually want to win, you probably have to do a bit more than that.
Until 28th July, you can compete in five different disciplines against all other players on your game world. These disciplines are:

Achieve the highest profit from a single transport.

Achieve the highest hourly profit with trains.

Accumulate as many transports as possible. In this case, a transport with a X-slot engine counts as X transports.

Jack of all trades
Succeed in the most competitions. Succeeding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take first place. It just means that you have to complete the competition task in time as often as possible. City competitions are not included.

Help your association to acquire a worker successfully as often as possible.


The prize
In every category and every game world, the top three will win a prize:

  1. Rank: Community Hero Achievement (Gold)
  2. Rank: Community Hero Achievement (Silver)
  3. Rank: Community Hero Achievement (Bronze


The rules

  • You can participate on any game world and on as many game worlds as you want. However, you can only pick up a prize on one server. If you are eligible for prizes on multiple servers, you will receive it on the server where you are eligible for the highest number of prizes (no matter which ones). On the other game worlds, you will be ignored in the ranking.
  • You can win in multiple disciplines on one game world.
  • If your game world restarts between 7th – 28th July, only the second round counts for this event, not the previous one.
  • You do not have to register for this event.
  • The Summer Games end on 28th July at 14:00 UTC+2. Your final result in the event will be measured at that time. Due to technical reasons, a delay of a few seconds or minutes cannot be completely ruled out.
  • If your game world was already running before the Summer Games started, whatever you achieve until then IS INCLUDED in your final result. So, for example, if you already won competitions on that game world, they will contribute to your total number of won competitions at the end of the Summer Games.

Your Rail Nation Team