Our plans for Rail Nation in 2020

Dear players,

To mark our 7th birthday, we’d like to give you an exclusive glimpse at some (!) of the things we have planned for Rail Nation in 2020.
A very important, technical change has been in the works for a while:

Porting Rail Nation to HTML5!

The switch from Flash to HTML5 is a huge undertaking that we’ve been working on for quite some time and we hope to be finished as soon as possible this year. The browser version of Rail Nation will be ported first, followed by the apps for Android and iOS. As soon as this step is completed, our developers will finally be able to take care of other things – like one of our key goals for 2020:

Quality care updates!

Once we’ve implemented HTML5 porting, we intend to use our freed-up time and resources to deliver more updates, bug fixes, small features and improvements for you all this year. On the one hand, we want to implement a few things that have been on our list for a long time now. On the other, we’d also like to respond to current requests from the community.

Masters 3 and more!

Masters 2 was hugely popular last year and achieved a number of records, including the shortest endgame of all time as well as the highest percentage of players who were active for the full round.
Masters will therefore continue in its third round and in a similar format in the first half of the year. So, you still have time to earn Stars for the Allstars game world!

Of course, we realise that the Masters game worlds are not for everyone; that’s why we will also be offering an alternative programme with Clash! just like last year.

And there’s more! In addition to Masters 3, we may also release more event scenarios for a limited time. More details on that will follow over the year!

If all that’s not enough for you, you can also look forward to the following:

 The new “Orient Express” scenario!

While our last scenario Origin Journey was designed more for players who prefer the familiar gameplay in a new setting, Orient Express will call for completely new thinking and novel strategies!
There’s no fixed date yet, but we’re roughly aiming for the end of the year at the moment. We’ll keep you updated with more insight into the new scenario as time goes on!

This should be enough to whet your appetite for now. We’ll gradually share more details about all of this and more news here in our blog. Watch this space!

We’re already excited for this year and we hope you are too!
Your Rail Nation Team




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