Feedback Loop– Product Care 7 – Bugfixes

Feedback Loop– Product Care 7 – Bugfixes


Greetings, all bug-hunters!

As we continue our journey toward the next Product Care Update, we recognize the importance of your insights in shaping our continued path. With this feedback loop, we are reaching out to you to join us in identifying the most pressing bugs for us to fix next.

We have compiled a small but detailed list of reported bugs that we would like to pay attention to in the coming weeks. Each has its own unique impact on your gameplay experience. Now, we turn to you to lend your expertise and judgment in deciding which bugs on this list should take priority in our upcoming bug-fixing efforts.


How can you help?

We kindly request that you take a moment to review the list of bugs we have compiled and provide your invaluable input. Let us know which bugs you consider the most urgent to be fixed and why. Your feedback will play a crucial role in guiding our development team as we work to enhance your gameplay experience and overall satisfaction.



On our Community Discord in the Feedback Loop channels for your respective language.


Time frame?

You can start giving feedback right away!

We will close the feedback loop channels again on:

Monday, 28th August, at 10:00 a.m. (UTC+2).


Please keep in mind:

While we are committed to hearing and respecting your feedback, it’s important to understand that the complexity and workload associated with bug fixes can vary. As much as we wish to address every piece of feedback we receive, it may not be feasible to include all prioritized bug fixes in the upcoming update.

Rest assured, we will make every effort to implement the fixes based on your feedback, and your voices will guide our decision-making process. However, the final selection will be influenced by the technical challenges and resources required for each bugfix.

Your dedication and understanding are greatly appreciated as we continue to improve your gaming experience. Please mention the bug ID when giving your feedback, as it will make it easier for us to evaluate.


Which bugs are we talking about?

Click here!

RN-10791 MOBILE – MESSENGER: There is no pagination for system messages in portrait mode.

RN-13370 MOBILE: TECH TREE: A refresh button is located inconveniently over the 2nd era button in the tech tree and can cause the game to crash when accidentally clicked.

RN-12972 MOBILE: VIDEO: The app may crash when trying to watch videos of association members.

RN-13371 iOS: LOGIN: The VK login gets stuck if the VK app is not installed on your iOS phone.

RN-13591 CITY PROJECT: BONUS: One bonus icon displays +10% industry time, instead of -10%.

RN-12450 CITY PROJECT: DONATE: In the city project prestige ranking, users with the same amount of Project Points are ranked in the wrong order.

RN-13215 CITY PROJECT: Hovering your mouse over a city project icon in the city can cause the game to freeze.

RN-12150 SCHEDULE ASSISTANT: There are incorrect turnovers while the “rail maintenance” event runs.

RN-11384 TRAIN: INSTANT DISPATCH: Instant dispatch will sometimes not work on a train.

RN-12517 COMPETITION: CITY: Hovering your mouse over a money icon can cause the game to freeze.

RN-13587 CITY: Hovering your mouse over the chaining icon can cause the game to freeze.

RN-11407 CHARGEBACK: The rounding to 2 decimal places for the chargeback sum is missing, resulting in long decimal numbers.

RN-13027 MTX SALE: When clicking on the sale tile, the store window remains empty.

RN-10795 SHOP: PERSONAL OFFER: No offer is displayed when clicking on the offer.


Please share your bug prioritization and reasoning with us on our Community Discord in the dedicated feedback loop channels. We eagerly await your input and look forward to crafting a better gaming experience together!


Your Rail Nation Team