14 giugno 2017

New production series waiting for implementation

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Hello railroaders,

Once again, we want to show you a couple of production series that could soon hit the tracks in Rail Nation. All of the following series have been suggested by players. Now it’s up to you to send two favourites on their way.

Bengal Nagpur Railway Class N

Country: India
Type: Steam engine
Special attribute: Largest Indian engine

NSWGR Class AD60

Country: Australia
Type: Steam engine
Special attribute: Heaviest steam engine in the southern hemisphere

DE-AC33C ‘Blue Tiger’

Country: Germany
Type: Diesel engine

SŽD Series 2ТЭ10Л

Country: Russia
Type: Diesel engine

EG 511/EG 537

Country: Germany
Type: Electric engine
Special attribute: Nicknamed ‘flat iron’

NS Series 1200

Country: Netherlands
Type: Electric engine

We’re looking forward to receiving your opinion! On 21st June, the winners of our survey will be handed over to our graphic artists for them to work their magic.

Have fun and keep travelling safely
The Rail Nation Team

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